Relativity and Unix

Is anyone using Relativity in a unix environment where you are sharing Cobol data with Windows?  I am trying to push data from Unix to SQL using a linked server and also update Cobol data from MSSQL Server Agent and from scheduled tasks running visual studio projects. Any suggestions appreciated as we are trying to determine if we have the right product or not. Eventually I also plan to use Visual Cobol with Esql to get Windows SQL data to be available to Cobol in unix.

  • CliffS,

    There are, I am certain, hundreds of installations of Relativity doing just that: providing ODBC SQL access (on Windows) to data that resides on Unix.

    I am not sure that push data is possible.  MS SQL Server can link to ODBC tables in a mode that allows the user of SQL Server to have access to the data from the Unix server.  So, the user is getting the live data as it exists on Unix at the moment of access.  I would consider that more a pull operation.  (My interpretation of push data would be, "Under the control of the linked server, move data from the linked server into SQL Server native tables.")

    However, given the rest of your description for your current application, yes, Relativity seems to be the correct choice.