Reporting Bugs

Where do I report bugs and such? I am using Visual COBOL for Eclipse and I think I found a bug related to files formatting when the "format on save" option is enabled.  If you save and there is nothing to format, i.e. the file is conforming to the format settings then it will report a NullPointerException

  • Bugs are reported to Micro Focus Customer Support by creating a Support Incident on the Supportline web site or by calling the number 800-632-6265 in the USA.

    You need to have a valid maintenance agreement for your product in order to report bugs in this fashion as we will track the Bug Report and notify you when a fix is ready.

    If you do not have a current maintenance contract on your product or you are using the Visual COBOL Personal Edition then you can report bugs thru this forum like you have done here and if we can reproduce the problem then we will create an internal bug report (RPI) for it.

    We create a product Patch Update monthly containing bug fixes and place these on our Product Downloads website. Only those customers on maintenance have access to the Product Downloads page so if you are not currently on maintenance, or are using the VC Personal Edition then you will not have access to these fixes.

    I was able to reproduce the problem that you reported in the base release of VC Eclipse 5.0 but was not able to reproduce it after installing Patch Update 1 so it appears to have been fixed in that update. If you are current on maintenance then you can download Patch Update 1 from the Product Updates site now.



  • I see, do I have access to these patches as a Personal Edition user?

  • Verified Answer

    Visual COBOL Personal Edition users do not have access to the monthly Patch Updates. We normally refresh the VC PE product once a year when a new major release comes out. If there is a showstopper bug in the product or a security vulnerability is found then we may update the VCPE product accordingly but only customers who have valid product maintenance in effect or customers who are on the 30 day product evaluation have access to Customer Support and Product Downloads.