WPF Data Binding

I don’t get the correct format when binding a decimal value in a DataGrid Column with ConverterCulture=de-CH. I think that the resulting format is correct for Germany but not for Switzerland. Can anybody help?
  • I do as follows: Real currency (Brazil)

    Decimal-point is comma.

    01 wsPreco pic 9 (06) V99.

    *> Datagridview column vrPreco / DefaultCellStyle / behavier format = C2

    invoke self::dataGridView1::Rows::Add(... wsPreco)

    Check also the regional system options

    Hope this helps

  • Of course I do this in XAML. Here the column Definition:

                       <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="100"

                                           Binding="{Binding Path=EingBetrag, StringFormat=N02, ConverterCulture=de-CH, Mode=TwoWay}"

                                           Header= "Betrag">



                                   <Setter Property="Label.HorizontalContentAlignment" Value="Right" />





                                   <Setter Property="TextBlock.TextAlignment" Value="Right" />




    I can convert with ::ToString("N02") and bind this field, but than a sort by this column gives a incorrect result.