Update 2.2.2

On my Windows 8.1 Pro System (German Version) I am using Visual Studio 2013 with Visual Cobol 2013. I have a solution with a Webservice project and a 2nd project with the processing classes. After installing Update 2.2.2 of Visual Cobol there are some curious effects: On opening the Cobol source of the Webservice project Visual Studio starts updating IntelliSense but just waits for something for many seconds or even minutes. Finally I get error COBCH0942: Could not load assembly ‘…\processingassembly.dll’ followed by several COBCH0845 messages not finding the classes of the processingassembly. Rebuild the Solution ends without error and the Webservice works as expected. Has anybody made similar experiences or a work around? If a go back to Visual Cobol Update 2.2.1 the curious effects disappear. Werner Lanter PS: I opened a support incident (2804043) for this case.
  • This is not something that I have run across. Please continue to work this through the open support incident.

    One question though; does this effect occur even after you rebuild the entire solution including the processingassembly project?


  • As i mentioned in my original post rebuild ends without error and the webservice works as expected. Today we made a test running Visual Studio with Administrator Rights. In this case loading the source file with IntelliSense update ends within a few seconds. But there is still the loading error.

    There are actually 2 open incidents (with RPI) for each of the problems (2804043 and 2804209).

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