arithmetic statement and type decimal

Using an arithmetic statement with a variable of type decimal generates an error message ‘error COBCH0034 : Operand DECVALUE3 should be numeric’. Using the MOVE statement does not generate an error. I can do arithmetic operations using the SET statement but it would be easier using arithmetic statements when converting existing Cobol programs.
  • Hi Werner,

    I have talked this over with development and we agree with your synopsis. Although a decimal type is not actually a numeric but is an object reference instead, it should not be too difficult to allow decimals to be used in standard COBOL arithmetic statements.

    Can you open up a support incident with Customer Care and mention my name in the description so that it is routed to me? I will then open up an RPI and we will look at addressing this functionality in a future release.


  • Verified Answer

    We have added the capability of using data Items defined as managed type decimal to be used in COBOL arithmetic statements. This will be available in our next major product release.