Undefined ECM error

I copied a solution with a .Net WPF project from one system to another. Now I get the following errors on the receiving system: COBCH0002 : Undefined ECM error. Inform Technical Support. Error code 12. COBCH0038 : Paragraph or phrase repeated illegally The errors points to the ‘getter’ keyword within several properties. property-id KalkNr binary-long. getter. set property-value to W-KalkNr setter. set W-KalkNr to property-value invoke self::NotifyPropertyChanged("KalkNr") end property. Both systems will have Visual Cobol 2.3 Update 1 installed, the first system with Visual Studio 2013 and the receiving one with Visual Studio 2012. I’m waiting for an answer from Micro Focus Technical Support. Regards Werner Lanter
  • Hi Werner,

    Can you tell me what the support incident number is for this problem?

    Are the two systems using the same .NET Framework version?

  • Hi Chris

    I just opened a support incident, number is 2873929.

    Both Systems use .NET Framework version 4.5. I am going to check other details, like hotfixes.

    When I compile the solution I get 10 error messages, one for every property definition. When I insert e.g. a space anywhere in the source 8 error message are removed from the output window. So there is a difference between compiling an syntax checking. (???)


  • Hi Chris

    Please see support incident number 2873929. Kim Hoskin can translate the German text. I think you will understand that I don't publish the text in this forum.


  • Hi Werner,

    In the support incident it mentions that the product you are actually using is V2.3 base release and that when testing with 2.3 Update 1 the errors do not occur.

    Can you confirm this?

  • Hi Chris

    My standard system is Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Cobol 2.3 with Update 1 (vcvs2015_231.exe) and Hotfix (vcvs2015_231_hf01_125850.exe). Everything on this system works fine. I copied a WPF solution to the system of a customer and we got the ECM errors as described.

    I also have a virtual PC with Windows 7. On this system I installed Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012 product trial (vcvs2012_23.exe). In this situation I got the same errors as on the customer system. Than I installed Update 1 (vcvs2012_231.exe from my support account) and the errors do not occur anymore. You will find the download E-Mail in the support incident. Also after Installing the Hotfix (vcvs2012_231_hf01_125843.exe) the errors do not occur.

    This morning I asked my customer to check his system for update 1. I'm waiting for the answer.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Chris

    I received a reply from my customer. The same result as on my Windows 7 system, after installing update 1, the errors do not occur anymore.