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[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 14 March 2011]

Hi to all those MSBUILD experts out there ... I would like to create a new VS2010 project template that would contain multiple COBOL programs that would each be compiled into a seperate (native) DLL and would really appreciate some guidance. Has anyone done this out there, or am I finding myself (yet again) on the bleeding edge and need to start from a blank template?!

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    Hi Michael, it's interesting that you should pose this question, as this is exactly what we ended up adding to the Mainframe SubSystem(MSS) project type that you get in the Studio/VS2008 product. The Visual COBOL build is essentially the same, so this property is still present though unused.

    How we build is defined by our MSBuild targets file, you'll find it in "Program Files\MSBuild\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\v1.0\MicroFocus.COBOL.Targets" If you edit the .cblproj file and add:


    to the main property group this will probably still work. I should caveat this by saying this is not documented and may change in a future release, especially if this becomes available to other project types. I assume though, that since you asked the question, you'd like to see this feature available?

  • Simon - you're a bloody hero! Thanks, that's really appreciated! I'd been resisting the need to get into MSBUILD properly and now I can put it off for another couple of months!

  • Hi Simon,

    I should have added (but failed in my excitement) that this feature is pretty well a basic requirement for any mainframe conversion project. I've an application with 6000 seperate programs of which only a small number may be called in any testing session. Having each reside in their own DLL is much easier to manage.

    Thanks again!
  • Hi Simon,

    It would also be nice for the DLL's to be added to the correct output library rather than having to output to the output directory rather than having to do a bodge by adding:


    to the project file ...