Bug in VC 3.0 for VS 2017?


After installing the Preview, when debugging a project that contains both COBOL and C# I get a pop-up displaying:

I'm not sure if this is definitively a bug, but perhaps it would be best if Compatibility Mode was set automatically for mixed C# and COBOL projects. I understand this pops up as MF provide their own managed Expression Evaluator to parse the code and evaluate variables and expressions ... Hopefully moving forward this won't be necessary as I'm a fan of OzCode which won't work in Compatibility Mode! Incidently, should I report this on SupportLine?


  • Verified Answer

    Hi Michael, this is currently the expected behaviour - you have to switch on Managed Compatibility Mode to debug COBOL. We plan to create a new debug expression evaluator which will resolve this. This won’t be in in 3.0 but it’s on our backlog.
  • Thanks Paula ... I suspected as much! Good news on the development plans! I've been giving 3.0 a very thorough workout over the last week or so on a big range of code (managed and unmanaged) and it is holding up REALLY well. The IDE experience is a real step up under VS2017. Well done!
  • Michael, thanks for your feedback. There are several new COBOL editor features, which will be documented in 3.0. Please give them a go if you haven’t done so already – rename, smart indent, brace matching, automatic insertion of end-if. There are also some smaller editor enhancements like Collapse to Definitions, improved virtual space handling, improved tooltips.
  • Hi Paula ...

    Yes, I'd noticed the smart indent, brace matching and auto end-if ... Cool stuff! A suggestion if I may for those of us using the structured programming syntax like end-if, would be configurable auto end-perform, end-etc. Probably not desirable to some but I would love it! I have also noticed just how more responsive Intellisense is now - it's much faster. Keep up the good work!
  • Thanks Michael, this is useful feedback. I think end-perform (etc) would be useful, I've added it to our backlog. Feel free to offer other suggestions (no promises :-)).