external stored procedure in cobol for db2 luw

Is it possible to create external stored procedures in DB2 LUW-environment using Visual COBOL?

We are running SQL Procedures in our current setup but there is a demand for creating External Stored Procdures using Cobol. Mostly because Cobol is common knowledge where I work.

I have done this before but that was in a zOS environment using a WorkLoadManager.

Now I need it for Linux and DB2 LUW.

From what I have read there are certain database auth you need and I have granted this.

As default the load modules should be placed in  /sqllib/function-directory of the database server. I have some issues putting load modules in the right directory but before I solve that it would be nice to know if anyone have succeeded in writing stored procedures in Cobol for a DB2 Linux environment.

If there are documentation that I didn't manage to find, please point the direction, but info from someone who actually did it is even better.