Cobol Server Upgrade


We are upgrading from a .NET Windows Forms application in Visual Cobol 2.1running on Windows XP pc's, pointing to Cobol Server 2.1 license on Windows Server 2012 to Visual Cobol 2.3 on new Windows 10 pc's pointing, to Cobol Server 2.3 license on same server.  We want to confirm that these are the steps to be taken to upgrade:

1. Uninstall Cobol Server 2.1 on server.

2. Delete any directories used by Cobol Server not deleted during uninstall.

3. Install Cobol Server 2.3.

4. Copy the run-time assemblies from, say, %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\COBOL Server\redist\v4.0 to the application folder.

No need to revoke the server license before uninstalling Cobol Server 2.1.

On each Windows 10 pc:

Install Micro Focus License Asministration tool and use Advanced configuration to point the pc to the license server.

Also, if we run into difficulties and want to roll back to Cobol Server 2.1 can we just uninstall Cobol Sevrer 2.3 and reinstall Cobol Server 2.1?

Thank you