Non ASP.NET websites with Visual Cobol for Visual Studio?

I see that with Visual Cobol, one can create websites with Cobol using ASP.NET.

Unfortunately, my hosting provider, DreamHost, does not support any Microsoft technologies.

Here is a link showing the supported and unsupported technologies on DreamHost.

Do you have any recommendations on inexpensive hosting companies which do support ASP.NET?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have used a virtual Windows server at for a few years now. I currently pay about $20/month and that includes root access (you pretty much get a server to yourself and can choose the disk size, number of processors, and memory). You can remote desktop and install Visual Studio/Visual COBOL on the machine and configure it any way you like, and run ASP.NET in IIS, or any other Windows app. For Windows hosting, Microsoft Azure is the gold standard, but I like knowing what the monthly cost will be, plus being able to run other software is a plus.