Visual Cobol 2.3 Update 2

Is it possible for users of the Personal Edition to get Update 2?

I don't have a SupportLine login.

Thank you

  • Hi Mike,

    Sorry but the VC PE products are only available at the 2.3 GA version level. The PE products are for academic use only and should not be used for any serious development purpose.

    The latest product versions are only available to fully licensed users or to those who have downloaded a 30 day free trial for evaluation.

    Is there something in particular that you require that is in update 2?


  • Thank you Chris.

    There isn't anything that I require. It just would be nice for Personal Edition developers to be able to run the latest and greatest.

    I have the PE because I can't see spending thousands of dollars for a product I am using to enhance my Cobol skills and keep up on all the new Cobol features.

    If I did use for actual product development, then I could see the expenditure.  

    Visual Cobol for Visual Studio is the best PC Cobol development system I've found.  I do wish Visual Studio users could also target for the JVM.  Unfortunately for that you need Eclipse, which I detest..

    I run Visual Cobol for Visual Studio PE in a Windows 10 VM on my Mac.  I'd love for Visual Cobol to be native on the Mac, but I guess I'll have to dream about that one.

  • You shouldn't need to use Eclipse in order to compile for JVM. You just need Visual COBOL for Eclipse installed.

    You can compile on the command line with the JVMGEN directive (and possibly others). It should be possible to do that under Visual Studio with a makefile project, though you wouldn't get the other benefits of Visual Studio, such as they are. (I'm not a fan of either IDE, personally. Or any IDE.)