Display ... On Exception?

I'm getting an "invalid operand" as well as a couple of other errors on the following statement:

display ctr in-emp-record upon console
    on exception
        display "Wow!"
    not on exception
        add 1 to ctr

I thought that adding "upon console" would have satisfied the syntax rule 7 for format 1 on the following documentation page:


Any other suggestions on using the "on exception" clause?

  • Verified Answer

    Rule 7 says: "The ON EXCEPTION and NOT ON EXCEPTION phrases can only be specified when mnemonic-name is associated with ENVIRONMENT-NAME or ENVIRONMENT-VALUE."  CONSOLE is an (implied) mnemonic-name not associated with either of those.  There is no exception condition for displays upon the console, so the ON EXCEPTION / NOT ON EXCEPTION phrases are not allowed.