Visual Studio 2017

Has anyone tried running Visual Cobol in Visual Studio 2017 yet?

I know VS 2107 isn't officially out yet, but it sounds like it will be released soon.

  • I doubt Visual COBOL would even install as for each Visual Studio there is a specific setup file (i.e. vcvs2012_232.exe, vcvs2013_232.exe, and vcvs2015_232.exe). The installation fails if it doesn't find the required VS version.

    I however suspect VS 2017 will be supported in the next major release of Visual COBOL that will be released sometime this year.
  • Verified Answer

    Hello Mike,

    Glad to see you're interested in trying out what the latest Visual Studio has to offer but as you note, Visual Studio 2017 is not get GA and cannot be used with Visual COBOL today.

    ...but please stay tuned to the Community site as we will have some exciting developments to share with you in this area soon.

    Regards, Scot Nielsen
    COBOL Product Manager