I noticed an issue with the level numbers in DataRep2.cbl referenced in the "04 Data Representation" section of the Academic COBOL Course Book for Visual Studio.

The way it is coded, EMPLOYEE-GENDER and the fields following would be grouped in EMPLOYEE-NAME.

  • Hi Mike,

    You are correct. I will pass this onto the author of the course.


    DataRep2.cbl contains the following:

              03  EMPLOYEE-NAME.
                  05  EMPLOYEE-TITLE          PIC X(3).
                  05  EMPLOYEE-INITIALS       PIC X(4).
                  05  EMPLOYEE-SURNAME        PIC X(30).
              05  EMPLOYEE-GENDER             PIC X.
              05  EMPLOYEE-ADDRESS.
                  07  EMPLOYEE-ADDRESS-LINE   PIC X(30) OCCURS 4.
              05  EMPLOYEE-POSTAL-CODE        PIC X(8).
              05  EMPLOYEE-SALARY             PIC 9(5)V99.

    and it should be:

               03  EMPLOYEE-NAME.
                   05  EMPLOYEE-TITLE          PIC X(3).
                   05  EMPLOYEE-INITIALS       PIC X(4).
                   05  EMPLOYEE-SURNAME        PIC X(30).
               03  EMPLOYEE-GENDER             PIC X.
               03  EMPLOYEE-ADDRESS.
                   05  EMPLOYEE-ADDRESS-LINE   PIC X(30) OCCURS 4.
               03  EMPLOYEE-POSTAL-CODE        PIC X(8).
               03  EMPLOYEE-SALARY             PIC 9(5)V99.