Removing Carriage Return from Rich TextBox In WinForm

I have a rich multi-line text box with the string “Testing field. ENTER”.  If I press the enter key (carriage return) before the word “ENTER”, it adds a “/n”,  which I believe stands for new line or end of line, to the text property of the rich text box which then looks like follows: "Testing Field. \nENTER."

When I move the text string from my rich text box into a string variable, it moves the “\n” which give me problems when I attempt to do data manipulation with the string variable.  I cannot remove the “\n” programmatically in the code because it is invisible to the code. I can only see it when a view the text property of my rich text box during runtime.

I should also mention that after pressing the enter key before the word “ENTER”, it configures the ‘Lines’ property of the rich text box as follows:


  [0]  “Testing Field.”

  [1] “ENTER”


I want to be able to move both lines [0] and [1] as a single string into a string variable and without the “\n”.