Net Express project migration to Visual Cobol


in our company we are testing conversion our Net Express project to Visual Cobol. We success in project conversion, we can compile our programs, produce .gnt and .idy file.

But when I try to run it (we are developing module for Infor SunSystem) program crashes, I think we don't have our new Visual Cobol project setup correctly. In Net Express 5.1 we have this project directives: %FILENAME COBIDY(%TARGETDIR) WB3 WB CSI ANIM EDITOR(MF2) ENSUITE(3) SQL(DBMAN=ODBC) SQL(NOAUTOCOMMIT) SQL(NOCHECK) SQL(NOINIT) SPZERO;

And we have info from Infor that we need to use wrap pack 10.

Is there even possibility to setup Visual Cobol in this way?

We are using it thru Visual Studio 2015