Visual Cobol - Check for Internet connection


Does any one know of any cobol code to check if a local pc has an internet connection?

Many thanks


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    If you are just trying to check whether there is an Internet connection and not if a particular site is accessible you can use the following Windows API call. If using from managed code then you need to add a reference to the correct wininet.dll to the project or set using $set ilpinvoke as shown in the example.

    where WS-BOOL returned can be:
    0            No current Internet connection.        
    1            There is an Internet connection but the kind is unknown.

    Check value of connection-state to determine the specifics where it can be one or more of the following added together:

    78 INTERNET_CONNECTION_CONFIGURED value h'40'. *> Local system has a valid connection to the Internet
    78 INTERNET_CONNECTION_LAN        value h'02'. *> Local system uses a local area network to connect to the Internet.
    78 INTERNET_CONNECTION_MODEM      value h'01'. *> Local system uses a modem to connect to the Internet.
    78 INTERNET_CONNECTION_OFFLINE    value h'20'. *> Local system is in offline mode.
    78 INTERNET_CONNECTION_PROXY      value h'04'. *> Local system uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet.
    78 INTERNET_RAS_INSTALLED         value h'10'. *> Local system has RAS installed.

    $set ilpinvoke"C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wininet.dll"
    program-id.   testconnect.
    environment division.
        call-convention 66 is winapi.
    working-storage section.
    01 connection-state  pic 9(9) comp-5 value 0.
    01 ws-bool           pic s9(9) comp-5 value 0.
    procedure division.

         call winapi "InternetGetConnectedState"    
                using connection-state                                  
                returning ws-bool