Visual COBOL R4 launch webinar on Tuesday 7th June, 2011

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Does any one know if this event is on tomorrow because I have received no information about it even though I did register for the 8am BST one?


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    Hi neil,

    Hopefully you received the email update that was sent about 2 hours ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone the R4 launch webinar to next Wednesday, 15 June 2011.

    Please note that this does not impact the planned product shipping date in any way. The product is expected to be made "Generally Available" as planned within 30 days from 7 June 2011.

    For all those who have already registered, there is no need to re-register. Updated joining details will be mailed on 14 June 2011, by 4 PM GMT.

    If anyone has not yet registered and would like to register for the event, please visit: