Errors not provided in Visual Studio IDE

I am using Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Visual Cobol version 2.0.    For some reason when I compile a native Cobol program that has errors in it, I do not receive the actual error messages in the 'build' output box.     It simply tells me:

ERROR: (1) Cannot open file : obj\x86\Debug\SEARCHFH.obj
ERROR: (6) No public symbols found. No object file generated
Done building project "reports.cblproj" -- FAILED.

If I compile the same program from the command line using the same Cobol directives it will actually tell me:  

..\int\searchfh.CBL,..\int\searchfh.CBL(188,15,8) : error 301 : Unrecognized verb
..\int\searchfh.CBL,..\int\searchfh.CBL(127,60,53) : error 348 : Procedure name 100-EXIT undeclared, line 879 (first usage)
ERROR: (1) Cannot open file : c:\compile\dll\searchfh.obj
ERROR: (6) No public symbols found. No object file generated

Does anyone know what is suppressing the error messages in Visual Studio?   Kinda hard to debug in the IDE if you can't see the error messages ;)    I'm trying to avoid reinstalling all of the software.

  • Is this suppressing all compiler errors or just these particular errors?

    Try introducing a typo in working-storage to a data item and see if the compiler reports this.

    You might also check the project properties under the COBOL tab to see what the error settings property is set to.

    You mention that you are using Visual COBOL 2.0 which is not the most current version.

    Do you have access to the Visual COBOL 2.1 Update 1 product to see if this is still an issue?

    If not then I would recommend opening up a support incident with Customer Care so that we can get your source code and compiler directives and try to create a reproduce in house.