Issue linking fsmgr in a Visual Cobol 2.0 program

I am trying to write a Visual Cobol 2.0 program that calls the fsmgr utility.   I want to be able to call a program that will bring a fileshare server down and then back up (this will ensure no end users are still online).    According to Micro Focus documentation ( I need to do the following if I want to run it on Windows:

Linking Fileshare Manager Applications

On Windows, if your program calls the Fileshare Manager, you need to link in the Fileshare manager object file (fsmgr.obj) when you create an executable file.

I can not find the fsmgr.obj in any of the Microfocus Visual Cobol 2.0 directories.   I can find it under my old Net Express 3.1 directory c:\NetExpress\Base\LIB\.    Shouldn't there be a newer version under c:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL 2010\lib?

Can I link with the version from Net Express 3.1?   Or is the fsmgr.obj missing from the VC 2.0 files?

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    The documentation appears to be incorrect.

    There is a fsmgr.dll in c:\program files\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\bin folder so you do not need to link to an .obj file anymore.

    Making a call to "fsmgr" will load the .dll and execute it directly.


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    Thanks Chris......I've got my fileshare management program running successfully.  

    A couple of other related questions:

    1) Is there a way to start the Fileshare service using FSMGR or a similar command when fileshare is not running?    I noticed FSMGR kinda hangs if the service is currently stopped.  

    2) Can you only start fileshare as a service from the services screen?  We can start fileshare using the FS command but then it does not run as a service.  

    3) When we start and stop fileshare using services manager, we noticed that fsscreen.lst is not updated.   When we use fs or fsclose the file is updated though.   Is there a way to log what FSMGR is doing?

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    The Fileshare service can be started and stopped using the NET START and NET STOP commands once it has been installed.

    NET START "Micro Focus Fileshare Service"

    NET STOP "Micro Focus Fileshare Service"

    When you start Fileshare as a service it will write its fsscreen.lst file to its current directory which will be C:\Windows\System32 when started as a service.

    You can change this by using the /wd command in the fs.cfg file or when installing fileshare as a service.

    If you use the following command to start fileshare:

    fsservice -i "Server1" /s server1 /wd c:\testfs /pf c:\testfs\password.fil

    then it will start fileshare server named server1 using Server1 as the name of the service and will change its current folder to c:\testfs and use the password file c:\testfs\password.fil.

    When you name a fileshare service you would then use the name in NET START as follows:

    NET START "Micro Focus Fileshare Service: Server1"

    the fsscreen.lst file will then be written in c:\testfs and will include the operations that are run by fsmgr.