Visual COBOL PE/Visual Studio CE freezing

Using the 2019 versions of the above, I have a problem. I have a project (MAIN program calling several SUB progs (.dlls)). Last week it was working as designed.

Today 2 things are happening. If I Start without Debugging the program completely ignores MAIN prog and the required SUB.dll and runs another .dll (which is just a stub since not yet completely programmed.)

If I set a breakpoint in MAIN prog at the initial PERFORM (i.e. to select which function is required) the program stops correctly. When I hit F11 to step through the program freezes and I have to use Task Manager to exit VC/VS.

I have made no changes to the application so I cannot understand why this is happening. Expert help required


  • Can't fully explain all your symptoms, but try this - bring up the solution in Visual Studio and in the Solution Explorer window on the top right,make sure MAIN is the Startup project (right click on the MAIN project and select "Set as Startup Project"). The startup project should appear boldfaced in Solution Explorer.

    Thanks, Austin

  • Verified Answer


    Many thanks. That solved the problem although I do not know how that parameter changed - I certainly didn't make any changes to properties or start up project - at least not consciously