debug visual cobol copy statement with directory path not found

I am using micro focus visual cobol 4.7 ; when using a program with a copy statement with a directory path (for example copy "P1K/ENDDATE/date.cpy" ) the debugger does not open this copy in de debugger mode when arriving at the copy statement . If I use a copy statement with no directory path (for example copy "convert.cpy") the debugger opens the copy perfectly. However the program is correctly compiled with no errors. What could cause this problem of not finding copy with directory path?,

  • I suggest contacting your local Micro Focus support to report this issue.

    I ran a quick test and got the following error message when I reached to debug the copy statement for "P1K/ENDDATE/filename.cpy":

    An exception has been encountered. This may be caused by an extension.
    You can get more information by examining the file '...\ActivityLog.xml'.