Team Foundation Service not supporting Visual COBOL ?

I set up to use Team Foundation Service, which is Microsoft's cloud based version of Team Foundation Server.  I've set up a build definition that does a build when I check in program changes but it always gives this error:

The imported project "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\v1.0\MicroFocus.COBOL.targets" was not found.  Confirm that the path in the <Import> declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk.

All Visual COBOL project files have this line:

 <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Micro Focus\Visual COBOL\v1.0\MicroFocus.COBOL.targets" />

Team Foundation Service Build is still in preview which means Microsoft is still making improvements to it.  Has anyone successfully used it?  How would we go about getting Microsoft to add support for Visual COBOL ?

Is Team Foundation Server a better choice at this time ?


  • I should also add that Team Foundation Service is looking for MicroFocus.COBOL.targets on their server, so it's a file they would need to make available.

  • Visual COBOL for Visual Studio project files are msbuild XML files and can therefore be built outside of Visual Studio using the msbuild command.

    Team Foundation Server also uses msbuild as its engine to build Visual Studio projects and solutions.

    If you have a separate build server computer on which TFS is installed then you will also have to install Visual COBOL on that system with a valid development license in order for the builds to work as the builds

    require that the COBOL compiler be available.

    We have quite a few customers that user Team Foundation Server as their build and source versioning system and it works great.

    I have never tried the Team Foundation Service but it sounds as if it would require a version of Visual COBOL to be installed in order to build COBOL projects.and this appears to be reflected in the error messages that you are receiving.


  • We could use Team Foundation Service but would need to set up a build server as you suggested.  Team Foundation Service has a "Hosted Build Controller" but that could never work because MicroFocus.COBOL.targets is not on their server.  We are both programming on a Citrix server but setting up a separate build server seems to be the recommended way to go.  Either Team Foundation Service or Team Foundation Server will work for us.  We just need to choose one.

  • I learned today that my company will not want to purchase an additional copy of Visual COBOL.  We just have two programmers.  I found a post on the TFS forum about TFS build not finding a "targets" file and the solution was to put a copy of this file in the correct folder on the build server.  Maybe this is something we should take up with our account executive.

  • Verified Answer

    Yes,,I would recommend that you take this up with your account manager as you will need another license for Visual COBOL in order to actually run the build on the TFS system.