Using Net Express project import wizard for Visual COBOL 2.1 questions

After the import, the imported project directives are listed in the Additional Directives box on the project properties screen.  We would also like to add USE"..\MYDIRECTIVES.DIR"  to the list of additional directives.  Our Net Express projects don't always have the same directives but there are certain directives we've had to add to our Visual COBOL projects so they will build without errors (for example, REMOVE"OBJECT-REFERENCE") and we list these in MYDIRECTIVES.DIR.  Can we do this or will the compiler only use the directives in MYDIRECTIVES.DIR ?

We are bringing about 350 projects from NX 5.1 to Visual COBOL and we want to maintain two sets or source, the original, unmodified NX source and the Visual COBOL source which we will modify.  In the import wizard, we specified a different directory (from the NX directory) for the Visual COBOL project but the source was not copied to it.  Also, each time we use the wizard it creates a solution along with the imported project but we want to import multiple projects into a single solution.  Our solution to this is to copy our entire Net Express project to a temporary directory and then import the NX project from it.  We then copy, in Windows Explorer, the project's folders and files to our application's solution folder and select Add ... Existing Project in Solution Explorer and add the copied project.  This doesn't take long but let us know if there is a quicker way to do it.