Using DevExpress attributes

I've uploaded a simple c# project which uses a persistent object class and DevExpress XPO (xpress persistent objects) to bind a SQLite database table (called trans_item) to a DevExpress GridControl.  I have also uploaded a Visual COBOL project which tries to do the same thing.  I am trying to translate the c# persistent object class (trans_item) into Visual COBOL.  The problem I am having is in defining the attributes.  There are three DevExpress attributes I need to set.  I have looked at the Visual COBOL documentation on attributes and also at the the CustomAttributes solution under Micro focus Visual COBOL Samples.  The c# project works.  There is something wrong with how I am defining the attributes in Visual COBOL.  The editor gives an error of "incorrect program structure" for the first instance of "attribute" in the code.

The c# class looks like this:

using DevExpress.Xpo;

namespace CsSQLite
    public class trans_item :XPBaseObject {

        public trans_item() { }
        public trans_item(Session session) :
            base(session) {

        [Key(AutoGenerate = false), Persistent("trans_item_id")]
        int ftrans_item_id = -1;

        public int trans_item_id
            get { return ftrans_item_id; }

The Visual COBOL class is coded like this:

     class-id AM_420_PayeeActivity.trans_item inherits type XPBaseObject.
       working-storage section.

         01  ftrans_item_id            binary-long value -1.
       method-id NEW Public.
       procedure division.
       end method.

       method-id NEW Public.
       procedure division using session as type Session.
           invoke super::new(session)
       end method.
       attribute Key(AutoGenerate = false) Persistent("trans_item_id")
       attribute PersistentAlias("ftrans_item_id")
       property-id  trans_item_id binary-long public.
         set property-value to ftrans_item_id
       end property.