Error with tracking logs when build

I frequently get this warning when I run or build a Visual COBOL native or managed project in Visual Studio 2012:

"Forcing a rebuild of all sources due to an error with the tracking logs.  Not a valid Win32 FileTime.  Parameter name: FileTime."

The file referenced is MicroFocus.COBOL.targets

This can get to the point where every time I click on Start to run our application, the project is rebuilt.  Does any one know what causes this warning ?


  • Hi Phil,

    Are you running Visual Studio 2012 standalone or are you using TFS or some other source control system with Visual Studio?

    Can you please open up a support incident with customer care for this issue so that we can take a closer look at your project setup and environment?


  • Verified Answer

    I'm running Visual Studio 2012 and Visual COBOL 2.2.  I've installed Tools for GIT but am not using Team Foundation Service GIT for our application.  I don't get this error if I set up a demo project outside of our application.  I only get it with native and managed projects within our application.  I'll open a support incident.