Visual COBOL 3.0 under COBOL Server 5.0?

Are there any issues with running binaries compiled in Visual Studio for Visual Cobol 3.0.* under COBOL Server 5.0.* ?

  • Verified Answer

    There may be issues running Visual COBOL 3.0 linked binaries, (.EXE/.DLLs) under the COBOL Server 5.0 run-time. Starting with Visual COBOL 4.0 we changed the version of the Microsoft C run-time on which the executables are dependent. This may make it necessary to, at a minimum, relink your .obj files using the latest run-time system.

    The following is from the Visual COBOL 4.0 documentation section on significant changes in behavior from earlier versions.

    Executables may require relinking or recompiling

    Note: Windows-only.


    Version 4.0 of your product is dependent on a later version of the Microsoft C run-time system than earlier Micro Focus products. This means that COBOL executables (.exe) built with an earlier version of your product might not be compatible with version 4.0 run-time products. If the behavior of your application changes with version 4.0, we strongly recommend that you relink the main executable with version 4.0. This will ensure that the COBOL run-time system fully handles any run-time error conditions that might occur.

    A new executable that is fully compatible with version 4.0 can be produced without recompiling the application, as long as the original object code is available and it is relinked with version 4.0.

    To allow your executables to benefit from the product's latest programming and performance enhancements, we recommend a full recompilation of your source code.