JNDI Datasource - Visual COBOL Eclipse 4.0


I have created a JNDI Datasource within a Java Class and want to pass the object to Managed COBOL as my understanding is that you can connect using 'EXEC SQL CONNECT TO Datasource object' according to the documentation. 

However when the EXEC SQL CONNECT statement is run I get  'Connection datasource not found' within MFSQLMESSAGETEXT.

If I get the connection object from the datasource within my Java class I can pass the connection object to my COBOL JVM wrapper and connect using 'EXEC SQL BIND'.  I have been told that using BIND as in the example within the docs can be slow so wanted to try the JNDI option. 

Has anyone used this approach? I have tried using the SQL(JNDI) setting but no joy.

Would be much appreciated if anyone could provide me with some pointers.