Visual COBOL Eclipse - COBOL JVM Project build


I'm running VC 4.0 with the latest patch and Eclipse 4.8 and have issues compiling/building the COBOL JVM project relating to copybook includes within the managed COBOL& wrapper classes which was converted from Native.

If I create a new COBOL JVM project and select - import/import/File System and select the svn project to import into my workspace within Eclipse this physically copies all the relevant files and I can compile & build successfully.

However if I select Advanced/Create links in workspace from the import wizard I get compile errors and build issues.

I keep the create link locations to the default environment variable 'PROJECT_LOC' and all looks okay as the jvm packages/managed code is imported but I get 'COBCH0008S Unknown copybook' errors with the COPY statement even after I have assigned the copybook package within project properties.

If I re-import the copybooks it seems to fix the issue, however it reappears after closing & opening Eclipse.

This is not an issue if I don't select the create link option. 

Also have issue when trying to clean/build project which seems to compile but get the message 'No COBOL JVM modules to build and the bin directory is empty.

Again this does not happen if I don't select the create link option.

Ideally I would prefer not to physically import the code into Eclipse so any suggestions as to what I need to check would be much appreciated.