unable to access files (SOLVED: blank spaced Dir name)

I'm using Visual Studio 2019 Visual Cobol and I have problems accessing sequential files. When I try in the program to open a  Sequential/line sequential files, with variable record length, the data accessed is not from the opened file but of another file created in previous runs. They are like ghost files. So there is no way I can access existing sequential files. Also, I created sequential files under VS, using internal data and it works fine, but then these files cannot be accessed (file not found) by another external program.


Jan 26, 2021: PROBLEM SOLVED thanks to the help of this Community's users.

 Origin: Use of Spaced Directory names(Windows platform).

 Two solutions:

1- Do not use blank spaced Directory names,  e.g:   NO:   "D:\File1  part1\......\filename".  (blank spaced)

                                                                                                       YES: "D:\File1part1\......\filename". (No blank spaced)

 2- USE blank spaced Directory names, but add extra single quotes:

                             YES: ' "D:\File1  part1\......\filename" '. (blank spaced Dir and  extra single


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