Execute Cobol Code in C# Applications

Hi together,

I'm trying to make a new C# Application and execute existing Cobol Code. My problem now is:

If i create a Cobol solution in Visual Studio and 

  • set the Output type to "Link Library", i can compile it to a .dll file, but couldn't add this file as a reference in my C# solution.
    • Error: Make sure that the file is accessible and is a valid Assembly or COM-Component
  • - set the Output type to "Class Library", i get lot of Errors. For example:
    • Error: COBCH0860 Object references must be specified at 01 level ...
    • Unknwown types; Redefines on incorrect field; Not a data name ...

Does anyone know how i can compile existing code files and import it to my new Application or fix my Problems above?

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  • Hi Chris,

    thanks so far for your quick responses.

    No this isn't a Dialog System application. Our system uses direct winapi calls with the apigui classes from Netexpress.

    So now we are looking for a solution to combine our native code with managed code. Do you know, how we can implement this? Or if there are documentation?

    Regards Sebastian

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