Upgrading to Visual COBOL

I looked for Chris Glazer's post but couldn't match his location to what the page was showing.  The powers that be here at my employer have decided to pony up the dollars for Micro Focus COBOL.  I am charge of the upgrade.  Our current application, with batch and online portions, is running under NetExpress.  The application uses CICS and has a SQL Server backend.  Will it still run under Net Express?

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    I assume you are asking if it will run under Visual COBOL and not Net Express?

    If you are using the CICS support of the Net Express MTO product (Mainframe Transaction Option) where you run your CICS applications under Enterprise Server then Visual COBOL is not the product you will require. Visual COBOL does not have support for CICS. The product you would need would be Enterprise Developer.

    Enterprise Developer is a superset of the Visual COBOL product which also provides support for mainframe emulation.