Web Application

Where and how do I define 'Response.Redirect' in my web application?

I get a COBCH0301 Unrecognized verb error.



  • Hi Shirley,

    The following works for me when coded within a Web Form:


          $set ilusing"System.Web"
          $set ilusing"System.Web.UI"
          $set ilusing"System.Web.UI.WebControls"
           class-id testasp._Default is partial
                   inherits type System.Web.UI.Page public.
           working-storage section.
           method-id Page_Load protected.
           local-storage section.
           procedure division using by value sender as object by value e as type EventArgs.
           end method.
           method-id Button1_Click protected.
           procedure division using by value sender as object e as type System.EventArgs.
               invoke Response::Redirect("About.aspx")
           end method.
           end class.
  • Hi Chris

    It wouldn't allow me to use '$set ilusing' or just '$set using' but changing the syntax of the Response.Direct to
    invoke Response::Redirect did the trick.

    Thank you so much

  • If you're getting an error on a $set ilusing directive, it's probably in the wrong column. Consult the product documentation, or just make sure the $ character is in column 7. Also make sure all $set ilusing directives appear before any code in the source file; it's an initial directive (again, as described in the product documentation).

    Namespaces can also be specified in the project properties.