how to pass data across web pages

I call an .aspx page which has a Gridview with data from SQL tables. I select one record and then want to return to my original page which will be populated with the record selected.

I can do a Response::Redirect to the original page but this does not pass the information back.

How do I link the two pages or how do I tell the first page which record has been selected.

Many thanks



  • Hello, I may be wrong but you can create a Hidden field in your html:
         <asp: TextBox ID = "TxSelAba" runat = "server" value = "tabPage1" Text = "AbaAtual" type = "hidden"> </ asp: TextBox>
         <asp: TextBox ID = "TxSelAbaAnt" runat = "server" value = "tabPage1" Text = "AbaAnt" type = "hidden"> </ asp: TextBox>
         <asp: TextBox ID = "TxSelNumAba" runat = "server" value = "0" Text = "NunAba" type = "hidden"> </ asp: TextBox>

            01 w Environment pic x (002).

               set wEnvironmentto Session ["wEnvironment"]
               set Session ["environment"] to environment

    I hope this helps

  • Sorry I don't understand this at all.

    Does the first bit of code go into the .aspx ?

    Does the second part go into the .aspx.cbl ? They seem to tie up at all.

    Sorry if I sound stupid but I actually am!!!

  • Desculpe, eu é que fui muito apressado, veja este Demo se te ajuda.

    Sorry, I was very rushed, check out this demo if it helps you.

    I made this demo with VC4.0 and VS2015
  • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. and for going to so much trouble.


    However my problem is that I have data displayed in a gridview that comes from a SQL table. Once I have selected the row, I need that data to display in a totally different .aspx page. So I have EmpList.aspx and I want to display the data in WebForm110.aspx.

  • Misturei as respostas, mas acho que esse exemplo pode te auxiliar nas duas questões.

    I mixed the answers, but I think that example can help you in both questions.


    Acredito que deve ser possível passar via List[] mas não tenho nada feito para mostrar

    I believe it should be possible to pass via List [] but I have nothing done to show

    Good luck!