CBLRTSM.dll Version mismatch. how to resolve dynamic binding error

I have my application created in Visual COBOL 6.0 and trying to run into COBOL server 4.0. Both installations have different CBLRTSM.dll pointing to 6.0 and 4.0 respectively. While running an application getting below error "Dynamic binding error on runtime entry point _mfgmain2 in module mymodule.dll. An attempt was made to bind to a run time library for Visual COB0L version 4.0 but that library does not meet the necessary dynamic binding requirements. The dynamic binding for this module requires at least version 6.0 of Visual COBOL runtime library CBLRTSM.dll"  Kindly assist.

  • We do not support running a module compiled with a newer compiler version (6.0) under a lower run-time version (4.0). You need to run the 6.0 compiled modules under the run-time for 6.0 for higher.

    We generally do support the other direction however, which is to run an older compiled module under a newer run-time version, so 4.0 modules should run under the 6.0 runtime system.