Has anyone connected Visual Cobol running on AIX to SQL Server

We have a large number of  Cobol jobs running on AIX that connect to a Sybase database.  Our company is migrating that database over to SQL Server so we'd like to pick the best migration path for these Cobol jobs.  So far, we're looing at two options:

1. Use an 3rd-party ODBC driver.  Is anyone doing this?  If so, what driver are you using and what advice do you have?  We're not sure which driver to use (Microsoft does not provide an ODBC driver for AIX).  We're an enterprise company so we need driver software which is supported (e.g. - by a vendor).

2. Compile all of our Cobol jobs as Java and then use a JDBC driver (which Microsoft does provide).  In this case, we're worried about the impact this would have on our AIX server.  If we convert all of these jobs to java, will that result in higher memory or CPU demands on the box?  Are there any other things to watch out for?

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