VC runs slower under Windows Task Scheduler?

Just replaced Server For COBOL 5.1 with COBOL Server 2.3 on our (virtual) Windows Server 2008 production server.  We have four native Windows programs that are run at night via Windows Task Scheduler.  Two of these programs are running almost as fast (approx. 10% slower) as when they were Net Express, but the other two are running 6-8 times longer.  When the two "slow" programs are executed manually they run in about the same times as when they were Net Express!

Anybody know what in COBOL Server would run so much slower under Task Scheduler than when run manually?

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    Windows Task Scheduler will by default run tasks at a "Below Normal" priority. You can check this in Task Manager. This can cause performance issues. To reset the priority you need to highlight your task and then then right click and export. Edit the XML field for priority and change from 7 (Below Normal) to 6 (Normal).  Delete the Task and then import. If you now run you should see the task running as Normal in Task Manager.

    I've not found any way to configure this in the Task Scheduler GUI so it is a slightly clunky procedure.

    If this doesn't resolve the issue then I would suggest raising a Support Case.



  • Of course I'll give this a try for tonight's runs and let you know the results, but it doesn't answer why these two programs run soooo slooow under COBOL Server compared to Server For COBOL.  Specifically, what is it that these two programs are doing that is operating so differently between the COBOL Server and Server For COBOL run-times that Task Scheduler has such a huge affect on the former and not the latter?  It can't be a general thing because our other two programs running under Task Scheduler are executing in approximately the same times as their Net Express counterparts.

    So it's bugging me; where or what is the difference?

  • Sorry, forget all above.

    The long run times were Friday night, 1-Jan-2016, the second night the programs were run under COBOL Server.  When I checked the run times for last (Monday) night, 4-Jan-2016, I found them to be about the same as their Net Express counterparts!  I have gone back and checked the run times for the first (Thursday) night, 31-Dec-2015, under COBOL Server and they were also about the same as under Net Express.

    So apparently something extraneous was going on with the server (backups maybe? patching?) on Friday night during our scheduled times and that is what skewed the times.

    So for now I guess all is good.

    And thank you for priority info, we'll keep that in mind.