Tooltip behavior in managed COBOL

Does "Show OCCURS or reference modification value" work in managed COBOL? I have it set (checked) in Debug>Options and settings..., Debugging>Micro Focus COBOL, under Tooltip style. And yet while debugging a managed COBOL class and stopped at a breakpoint, hovering over a reference modified alphanumeric variable displays the entire value vice just the referenced portion; i.e., hovering over SEL-ERATE (1:3) displays "EMN2 " instead of "EMN". And more troubling is hovering over a subscripted variable displays the value of the first element regardless of the value of the subscript: i.e., hovering over LST-UIC (X) where X has the value 13 displays the value in LST-UIC (1) vice the expected value in LST-UIC (13). Clicking the triangle icon at the left end of the Tooltip does display a scrollable list for the LST-UIC array, but this is clunky when the array is hundreds of elements long. What have I missed in trying to get the Tooltip to exhibit the desired behavior?
  • I just tested this here using VC for VS2015 2.3 update 2 and both reference modified and subscripted items display correctly when I hover over them in debug and the option for COBOL Debug Tooltip Style is set to  Show COBOL occurs or referenced modified value.

    In 2.3 update 2 this option has been moved to the context menu which is displayed when you right-click while debugging is in effect.

    What product version are you using?

  • Verified Answer

    VC for VS2013 2.3 Update 2.

    OK, I was getting myself confused by hovering over OCCURS variables in the Procedure Division and in Working Storage.  The behavior is different between these two locations, but the consistent between native and managed code.

    My apologies.  I guess I developed a hair trigger after my issues with File Status on hover and conditional breakpoints.

    Thank you for your support.