Location of VCVS 2013 help files

I've been trying to run down why the Micro Focus product help for Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2013 displays as raw HTML in the Windows Help Viewer 2.1 on my domain-joined Windows 7, IE 11 PC for a month now.  So far I've been told/have read that it has something to do with my account "inheriting" enablement of IE ESC from the servers on our network.  Since the **ONLY** symptom of enabled IE ESC on my PC is the display of the VCVS help content in Help Viewer as raw HTML, no pop-up dialogs about blocked sites or IE ESC warnings, I wanted to try the commonly suggested work around of adding the location of the help files to either the Local Intranet or Trusted Sites zones in IE.  But all I can find are the HTML help files for Enterprise Server.

So where are the HTML help files for the rest of VCVS put when you do a default install?