COBOL colorization missing?

When we originally installed VC 2.2 for VS 2012 about a year ago we noticed that COBOL colorization under Tools>Options>Environment>Fonts and Colors was non-existent, but we were busy with other issues converting from Net Express 5.1. As of today we are at VC 2.3.1 for VS 2013 by the following route: 1. Uninstalled VC 2.2, upgraded VS to 2013 and installed VC 2.3. 2. Installed Hotfix 1 for VC 2.3 for VS 2013. 3. Installed Update 1 for VC 2.3 for VS 2013. At stages 1 and 2 we checked and still no COBOL colorization. Now today on VC 2.3.1 we have exactly two COBOL colorization options; "COBOL Code Coverage - Covered" and "COBOL Code Coverage - Not Covered". What are we missing or what have we done wrong? Anybody? The "tripping issue" for this is we are now doing maintenance on the converted applications which contain Copybooks with REPLACING clauses, and when you "show with replaced values" the expanded source is displayed black-on-dark-blue and is unreadable. We want to change this, and hope it can be done once we fix our COBOL colorization issue.
  • Hi DMonnot,

    From your description it sounds as though your Visual Studio registry settings may be incomplete or corrupted. I would recommend that you try the following command :

    devenv /setup

    If that does not fix the problem try :

    devenv /resetsettings /resetuserdata /setup

    The next time you start Visual Studio it should then be reset to its defaults.

  • First, as Navy developers, our accounts don't have any admin privileges on or PCs.  All software installation/updates are performed while a privileged "PC admin/Installer" account is logged on.

    Second, and I hadn't checked this before, running VC 2.3.1 for VS 2013 while logged in with the "installer" account will show a bunch of COBOL colorization items.  Even before running the "fixes" suggested above.

    Anyway, after running each of the above fixes separately while logged in with the "installer" account (because I get "access denied" under my account) I would log off and log back in with my regular account, run VS and check the COBOL colorizations available. Always, only the two Code Coverage items were visible.

    We then tried executing the fixes in a command prompt started "run as administrator" with the "installer" account within a regular Windows logon under my regular account.  Again, still can only see the two Code Coverage items.

    Anybody with another suggestion, besides quitting the Navy?

  • Thanks for that additional information. I will look into it further for you and post an update if/when I have news.