Conditional Breakpoints in managed COBOL

Do Conditional Breakpoints work in managed COBOL? I set a breakpoint on a line of code, right-click the red ball icon an select "Condition...", and enter the desired condition (using the same syntax as I used in Net Express): SEL-ERATE='EMN2 '. Execution just blows right past the Conditional Breakpoint. When I set a Regular Breakpoint at the next line of code and execute, examining the value of SEL-ERATE at each stop on the Regular Breakpoint and then clicking "Continue", I eventually get to where SEL-ERATE is "EMN2 ". BUT the Conditional Breakpoint on the immediately preceding line of code didn't catch it! What am I missing here?
  • I just tested this here and the conditional breakpoint worked fine in managed code using just what you described. I tested with VC for VS2015 2.3 update 2.

    What version are you using?

  • VC for VS2013 2.3 Update 2.

    I just did a parallel test between a native COBOL .dll and its managed COBOL class counter part.  I set two breakpoints in each on the same lines of code.

    The first break point is conditional on a variable (Group Item) being equal to a specific value.  The second breakpoint is regular a couple of lines down.

    The conditional breakpoint works in the native COBOL program, stopping when the variable's value is equal to the specified value.

    The conditional breakpoint in the managed COBOL never gets triggered.  I can examine the content of the variable at the following regular breakpoint and see that it has been set to the conditional breakpoint's specified value, but apparently the conditional breakpoint can't see the value or can't signal for a stop.

    Could this be related to my issue with not being able to see IO status when hovering over a file name?

  • Verified Answer

    Yes, this might be related to the pother debug issues that you raise and it might be dependent on something in your code.

    If you wouldn't mind can you create a small test project like a managed console app that only contains a couple of lines and try the same test with it?

    If it works on the small project then it is most likely something in your converted project that is causing these problems.

  • Yes, I will try to create a simple example for both the File Status and conditional breakpoint issues and, if successful, submit as an incident to SupportLine.