Examining File Status in managed COBOL

While stepping through execution (debugging) COBOL code in Net Express 5.1, you could hover over an internal file name wherever it appeared in the code and get the File Status for the last IO operation on that file. Short of explicitly declaring a File Status item in a file's SELECT clause and scrolling up the program source to where the File Status item is defined in Working Storage and using Tooltip to read the value, is there anything like the Net Express feature in Visual COBOL?
  • This feature is available by default in Visual COBOL. I just tested this here with VC for VS2015 2.3 Update 2 and whenever I perform an I-o operation on the file and hover over its name it will display the operation and the file status returned. If I have the Autos Window open this information will also be displayed there.

    I have no file status data item defined for the file.

    What VC version are you using?

  • VC for VS2013 2.3 Update 2.

    I just happen to be validating a managed COBOL class that is a port of a native COBOL .dll so I can run one, switch solutions, and then run the other with breakpoints set at the same line of code in both programs.

    In the native COBOL the hover over the file name displays an outlined white box with an icon next to the filename on the right, a dividing line, and the status text on the right.  Perfect.

    In the managed COBOL the hover over the file name displays an un-outlined gray box with the text "LOG-FILE FD" in it.

    Its like the functionality is partially blocked.

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    Please open up a support incident for this, Don so we can take a look. I cannot reproduce the problem so may be something specific to your project or code.