Visual COBOL R4 Update 1

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 12 October 2011]

A maintenance update to Visual COBOL R4 is now available.

Further information on the release is available here.

  • Hi Scot,

    in this document you mention support for RM/Cobol files, RM/Cobol C$ routines and XML Extensions.
    But the document doesn't mention in what versions there is support for.
    For the moment there is no support for RM/Cobol files, RM/Cobol C$ routines and XML Extensions when you compile to JVM byte code. Is this something we can expect in the next release ?


  • Hi Renzo,

    Thanks for asking these questions and indeed for your interest in our JVM technology.

    It is very much our intention to increase compatibility for ACUCOBOL-GT and RM/COBOL applications with each release of the Visual COBOL product and we have a number of roadmap items that will bridge the gap between the product lines.

    As you note, to date our focus has been around native code support but we’re now building compatibility within managed code.

    The areas under development right now include data file access from managed code, UI conversion, API support and equally important, updates to the documentation to clearly advise on current limitations as well as recommendations on how to move applications into managed code.

    For many of these initiatives you’ll start to see some incremental support delivered in the next release of Visual COBOL, R4 update 2, which is due by the end of the year, followed by further advances in R5 and beyond.

    The RM XML extensions in managed code is also an area under consideration, the next step will be to make this support available on Unix platforms. Once this is achieved we will then look to review XML solutions for COBOL in managed code post R5.

    Regards, Scot Nielsen
  • I cannot see any documentation of the changes between VC for VS 2010 R4 and VC for VS 2010 R4 update 1.

    Is there a list somewhere?

  • There is a release note for this on the Supportline Product Updates site in the Readme link.

    Release Note for Visual COBOL R4 Update 1
  • Hi Chris - thanks for the pointer but I can't see in this document what has changed between R4 and R4 update 1.

    I am trying to make a decision as to my need to pull this update.

  • Verified Answer

    Look in the section under What's New ->Resolved Issues for a list of fixed problems.

    This is an Update and not a new version so mostly what you will see are fixes to resolved issues and not new functionality.
  • Hi Chris - thanks for the info. This document still isn't clear on what was fixed between R4 and R4 update 1.

    The release notes I am used to on Server Express are very well laid out and make it very clear what is both new and corrected by each update. These new documents aren't quite as clear. For example, the new features could say "No new features in R4/U1".

    I know it may seem like a small issue but without clarity in the release notes I end up having to do a visual diff between the R4 and R4/U1 notes to determine the changes I need to focus on.