Installing P.E of v3.0 on Windows 10 with Visual Studio Comminity 2017.

Downloaded product along with release notes then downloaded vcvs2017-30.exe and installed it having installed MS VC community onto a Win10 Pro X64 laptop.

I have the following problems:


1.  The application name of Microfocus Cobol is not in the Start folder so have to start Visual Studio but MF Cobol is not shown.  I have run the install (repair mode) but this did not fix it then ran install to remove it then I re-installed.

There are items in the MF folder but not VC start etc.


2.  When using the license manager directly, it says it cannot find any products when I try to activate license.  This is in all cases of 1.


3. Going to the website (ending with PE) it just goes into the generic location for VC trails etc so not helpful.