COBOLClass sample project not working

I just installed Visual Cobol for Visual Studio Personal Edition and am using it with MS Visual Studio Community 2019 (v16.2.3).  The first thing I did was download and start going through the COBOLClass_Studio.pdf from the MF website to learn how to use this version of COBOL.  On page 22, it instructs me to "Open the solution 02_01_Division_Example.sln from the folder:
".  However, when I do this, the Solution Explorer window shows "02_01_Division_Example (incompatible)" and below that it says "The application is not installed".  I'm unable to continue with the instructions in the pdf.  I also tried one of the other example projects provided with the same results.  Is there an installation problem?  How do I resolve this?

  • That does sound like an installation issue. If you open Visual Studio and try to create a new project, do you see the COBOL project templates? There should be a section of COBOL templates under the "Installed" category in the template browser. I've never used Visual Studio Community Edition, but recent posts claim that Visual COBOL PE 5.0 should work with it. (Earlier Visual COBOL PE releases apparently didn't. I'm assuming you downloaded the latest release.) If you don't see the COBOL project templates, you could try running the VSIX installer directly. I don't remember where those are installed to; I'll have to search for them and post an update.
  • Under %PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\VisualStudo\Packages there should be one or more directories beginning with "MicroFocus". Inside each should be a VSIX file. Try executing each VSIX file, as an administrator.
  • I executed all payload.vsix files I found in the 4 directories I found using your directions.  In all 4 cases, the message returned was "This extension is already installed to all applicable products."  This also did not change the initial problem I reported.

    As to your first post, several of the templates listed are categorized as COBOL.  Just to see what happens, I created an "Empty Project (.NET Framework)".  Solution Explorer in this case did not indicate either of the error messages I reported initially.  I don't know what this indcates about my situation.

  • I'm afraid I don't know anything about the "COBOLClass" materials. Are you sure you downloaded a version for Visual Studio, and not one for Eclipse? (I took a quick look on the website but didn't find them.) Hopefully someone who knows something about those materials will chime in on Monday.
  • Yes, it is the version for Visual Studio.  The file is COBOLClass_Studio.pdf and the file name suffix referenced is sln which is for Visual Studio.

    Thanks for trying.

  • What operating system are you running?

    I just tested this using the same version of Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition with the Visual COBOL 5.0 PE for Visual Studio 2019 product installed and I can open up all of the projects that are part of the COBOLClass materials without a problem. I am using Windows 10 build 15063.

    To see if the problem is with your Visual COBOL installation or within the file itself can you please navigate to the Micro Focus Visual COBOL folder on your Start Menu and run Samples. This will start the Samples Browser.

    Change the type to "Show native only" and select Classic in the left hand pane and then ADIS Demo from the right pane and click on the link to Open Sample in Visual Studio 2019.

    Does this open successfully? Try some of the other samples and see if those work.

    If the Sample projects will not load then you should try repairing Visual COBOL from Control Panel. If the samples open fine then perhaps there is an issue with the copy of the file and you should try to download it and unzip it again.


  • I'm running Windows 10 Version 1903 OS build 18362.295

    I was able to load the ADIS Demo and another sample with no problem.

    I am not able to re-download at this time (I've got an authorization issue and am waiting over a week for the company to respond).

    In any case, the customer has decided they no longer want the development I was going to use MF Cobol for and so I no longer need to resolve this issue.  Thanks for trying to help.

  • This is just a reminder that the Visual COBOL Personal Edition product is a free product that can be used for Academic purposes only, (learning COBOL)

    The PE license does not permit you to use it for actual application development for use in a production environment. For actual development you would need a fully licensed copy of Visual COBOL.