COBCH0865 : Failed to find system program "acufh" (Visual Cobol r3 trial)

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I am trying to create a VISION data file (this is a new supported feature in VCr3).
However, when I include the necessary support : $SET CALLFH(acufh)
I get an error : COBCH0865 : Failed to find system program 'acufh'.

I've tried everything I can think of, adding paths, copying to project directory, adding to the VS project, but the error persists.

Does anybody have an idea if/how this can be solved ?
This is the 1 month TRIAL version.

- Peter -
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    I just tried this here and it worked fine.

    The Vision file support is provided as a separate product in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Vision 2.0, by default (on 64-bit).

    Your PATH should include C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Vision 2.0\bin in order for it to find acufh.dll at runtime.

    You also need to add the library C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Vision 2.0\lib\acufh.lib under Link Settings in the project Property Pages under the COBOL tab.

    Vision file support only works in a native COBOL project.
    It cannot be used in a managed code project.

  • Are you getting this error during compile? During runtime? This looks like a compile error to me, but I just want to be sure.

    As Chris stated, you need to ensure that your LIB environment variable is pointing to the lib subdirectory of the Vision installation. It may be the case that acufh is case sensitive (in which case, CALLFH(ACUFH) would work, while CALLFH(acufh) would not).

    If none of this helps, then more details would be useful about what your environment looks like.
  • chrisg/rzack, thanks for your responses.

    I have created a "native COBOL application" and this does work indeed.

    So the misunderstanding was my assumption that VISION files would be natively supported in managed code using the CALLFH(acufh) switch.

    It looks like a switch to VC (for me), requires conversion of all files from Vision to the native Micro Focus format as I don not see any advantage switching from Extend to VC and sticking with "native COBOL application".
  • Hi Peter,

    I think you will still get a lot of benefits by moving to Visual COBOL even in native code. You still get all the power of the Visual Studio (or Eclipse) IDE - rich editor, powerful debugger (including the new "memory watch" window which is only available for native code. You will also be ready to start moving components into managed code as and when you're ready.

    It's something we haven't promoted very heavily yet, but it is possible to mix managed and unmanaged code pretty easily - that's how the Micro Focus Filehandler is used from managed code for example. So you could have UI code using WPF, which is obviously managed code, with business logic that is still native code.