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i'm trying to make a sample in Visual Cobol with CobolJVM.
I want to use SQL and generate XML files.

But when i use XML GENERATE i get the following compilation error :

[cobol] COBCH1545S Feature not yet supported when compiling for JVM

Is this for a next release ?

When i want to use EXEC SQL i get the following compilation error :

[cobol] * ILOUTPUT"C:\viscob\RMCobolJava\bin\" ERRFORMAT(2) NOQUERY NOERRQ
[cobol] COBES0123S Invalid ILTARGET - can not use ILTARGET(ANYCPU) - must specify ILTARGET(X86), ILTARGET(X64) or ILTARGET(ITANIUM)

Now when using CobolJVM we just want to avoid having multiple versions of the software for multiple platforms,
so adding X86 or X64 is not really want one wants to do for a java application.

After adding $set ILTARGET(X86) in the source i get the following when compiling :

[cobol] Execution error : file 'ilgen'
[cobol] error code: 114, pc=0, call=1, seg=0
[cobol] 114 Attempt to access item beyond bounds of memory (Signal 11)

Am i using the wrong directives ?


  • Verified Answer

    The COBOL JVM product is in an early release state and as such it does not currently support all the features that are available in the Visual COBOL for Visual Studio or Visual COBOL for Eclipse native Windows or Unix versions.

    I don't believe that the EXEC SQL embedded preprocessors are available yet.

    The IL set of directives are for generating managed code in the .NET environment only.
    They cannot be used when generating JVM code.

    If you wish to maintain one set of source between the two environments you will need to remove the IL directives from the source itself and place them in a directives file such as COBOL.DIR.

    You can then maintain a separate set of directives between the two platforms, if necessary.

    Product Management will have to chime in here to tell you about future availability of product features in the JVM product as I am really unsure about the roadmap for this.