Licensing problem Visual Cobol on Linux

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 15 February 2011]

I have a linux server on which i want to deploy visual cobol software.
This server is not connected to the web.
I have an evalution license.

When i want to install the license, i get the following :

Micro Focus Licensing Administration
[Feb 15, 2011 2:37:53 PM] v10000.1.315

1. Online Authorization.
2. Check License Status.
3. Advanced Configuration Options.
4. Manual License Installation.
5. Revoke Licenses.
6. Get Machine Id.

99. Exit

Enter Option: 1
You should have received a 16-digit authorization code from Micro Focus

Enter 16-digit authorization code or to abort: some code
Connecting to authorization server...
### Unable to authorize General failure Connection timed out
You can try manual authorization using a web browser.
Go to web site
You will need:

Authorization code: some code
Old Machine ID: old id. New Machine ID: new id.
Follow the instructions on the webpage then select option Manual License Installation.

When i visit the activation web site and follow the instructions i get the following error :

Exception: Unable to retrieve License information ,Erc=-1 : The server locking criteria given is invalid.

Is there a problem with this license ?

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