Activate the free product of COBOL for visual studio

I want to activate the free product of COBOL for visual studio but I receive this message. Is it a problem with the registration ?. the download is correct.


Error installing licences. Unable to install one or more of the requested license keys

  • I just tested this here and there does appear to be a problem with installing the license using the automatic process.

    I will look into this.

    In the meantime, you should have been sent a separate e-mail from Micro Focus Distribution entitled Requested License Keys.
    You can use the authorization key in this e-mail to activate your product as follows:

    Close Visual Studio if it is open.

    Navigate to Start Menu-->Micro Focus License Manager-->License Management System to start the manager.
    Go to the Authorize tab and paste in your authorization code from the e-mail and click the Authorize button.

    It should display a message that license was installed successfully.
    You should now be able to use the Visual COBOL product.


  • Verified Answer

    This problem has now been fixed and you should now be able to authorize a Visual COBOL Personal Edition or Product Trial version using the products automated process.

    Please give it another try.